Oatmeal Cream Cookiewich

By Katrina Yoneda - December 11, 2018

Think Little Debbie Oatmeal Crème Pies… but WAAAAYYYYYYY better! THAT’S what this oatmeal cookiewich is like! It’s soft, chewy, chocolatey, cinnamon oat-y & filled with the fluffiest cream filling. It’s basically heaven all in one bite!


Winter baking has SERIOUSLY commenced in my home & my winter bod is comin’ in HOTTTTT after this recipe hahaha! My hubby is going to have to ROLL me like Violet from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory… #nojoke.


Cinnamon Roll Cake | GF

By Katrina Yoneda - October 11, 2018

Holy Toledo, this cinnamon roll cake is ruining my summer bod with a QUICKNESS :O


I normally have somewhat good self-control when it comes to baked goods. “Everything in moderation,” they say! Well, there wasn’t anything moderate about the size of the slice I served myself. Let alone the second helping. Bring on the stretchy pants!


French Drinking Chocolate | Vegan

By Katrina Yoneda - October 08, 2018

This is a French-inspired “drinking chocolate”, which essentially means it’s the thickest & fuckin’ creamiest hot chocolate you’ll ever drink. It is RICH AS FUCK, so you gotta love yo’self some chocolate. If you want to completely change the texture of it… just add more milk to make it more of a “regular” hot chocolate. Either way, it won’t let you down. PRRRROMISE!

It’s the perfect drink to warm you up on a chilly night!!


Best accompanied with:

-    Cold weather

-    Snuggles

Maple Autumn Salad | TWO ways

By Katrina Yoneda - October 04, 2018

This salad mother fuckin’ SCREEEAMS fall. Just look at it. Now look at it again. How much more fall can a salad get?!


If you like sweet & salty at the same time, this is your recipe! However, if you’re one of those people who hate fruit with savory, or who don’t like hot & cold food mixing… just click out now. Really, it’s ok! I’ve only taken partial offense…  /just find you really, really weird hahaha ;)


Chocolate Coffee Toffee Caramel Apples

By Katrina Yoneda - September 30, 2018

Who else buys caramel apples just to eat the outside candy goodness, leaving only worm sized bites through to the apple?! Well I do! I’m the type of person who likes more chocolate & candy, less apple. If you feel me, hallelujah!! This little sweet treat ensures you get a little bit of the good stuff with EVERY bite of apple *high five*! It’s more of a balanced meal in my opinion ;)


Pesto Caprese Grilled Cheese

By Katrina Yoneda - September 28, 2018

You know that one night a week where you’re sitting there fighting with yourself, “I’ve been eating really well! I deserve some fuckin’ carbs. I deserve some damn cheese! I’ll just slap a tomato on it & call it healthy”! Well, that’s how this Pesto Caprese Grilled Cheese was born. Well, that & the cold weather made me do it. Pair this with a hot cup of tomato soup?!?! DEAR LORD YAAASSSSSSS <3 <3


I don’t think this sammich needs much selling.

Toasty bread.

Hot melty cheese.

Fish Piccata

By Katrina Yoneda - September 23, 2018

This has to be one of the easiest & least complicated recipes I have up on the blog. Aaaand that’s exactly why it’s one of my favorites! It’s the perfect quick & easy weeknight dinner. The plus side?? You don’t need much of the white wine, so you’re free to drink the rest of the bottle *winnnnning*!


For how little ingredients there are, this dish isn’t lacking any flavor.

It’s bright, a bit tangy, salty, buttery, & in a bath of white wine sauce!! Fucking YAASSSSS!


Chocolate Biscuits | GF

By Katrina Yoneda - September 21, 2018

I have been making these chocolate biscuits for years! The only challenge was that now I needed to convert this recipe to gluten-free while trying to maintain its rock star deliciousness… and I DID IT!!


The BEST part about this dough?!?!

No rise time.

No chill time.

No waiting!!


Meatless Meatballs | GF

By Katrina Yoneda - September 17, 2018

These meatless meatballs make for the PERFECT party appetizer, or served over a bed of rice for a full on meal! They have been an absolute HIIIIT, even with my carnivorous friends, at every party we’ve ever brought them to. People gasp when they find out they’re completely vegetarian, shrug, & devour them until the pot is empty.


Meatless Zuppa Toscana

By Katrina Yoneda - September 14, 2018

So what if I was craving Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana… & I don’t eat meat?!?! *puts hands in face & cries*


Aaaaaand that’s basically how this recipe was born! I also don’t use cream because it’s not the grrrrreatest for you ;) Ok, so maybe this is more like a healthier, meatless take on the Olive Garden classic! Haha! I promise you though, it’s super fucking delish!!