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Cinnamon Roll Cake | GF

By Katrina Yoneda - October 11, 2018

Holy Toledo, this cinnamon roll cake is ruining my summer bod with a QUICKNESS :O


I normally have somewhat good self-control when it comes to baked goods. “Everything in moderation,” they say! Well, there wasn’t anything moderate about the size of the slice I served myself. Let alone the second helping. Bring on the stretchy pants!


French Drinking Chocolate | Vegan Katrina Yoneda Mon, 10/08/2018 - 17:00

This is a French-inspired “drinking chocolate”, which essentially means it’s the thickest & fuckin’ creamiest hot chocolate you’ll ever drink. It is RICH AS FUCK, so you gotta love yo’self some chocolate. If you want to completely change the texture of it… just add more milk to make it more of a “regular” hot chocolate. Either way, it won’t let you down. PRRRROMISE!

It’s the perfect drink to warm you up on a chilly night!!


Best accompanied with:

-    Cold weather

-    Snuggles

Chocolate Coffee Toffee Caramel Apples

By Katrina Yoneda - September 30, 2018

Who else buys caramel apples just to eat the outside candy goodness, leaving only worm sized bites through to the apple?! Well I do! I’m the type of person who likes more chocolate & candy, less apple. If you feel me, hallelujah!! This little sweet treat ensures you get a little bit of the good stuff with EVERY bite of apple *high five*! It’s more of a balanced meal in my opinion ;)


Chocolate Biscuits | GF

By Katrina Yoneda - September 21, 2018

I have been making these chocolate biscuits for years! The only challenge was that now I needed to convert this recipe to gluten-free while trying to maintain its rock star deliciousness… and I DID IT!!


The BEST part about this dough?!?!

No rise time.

No chill time.

No waiting!!


Salted Caramel Apple Crisp | GF

By Katrina Yoneda - September 10, 2018

Fall baking has officially commenced!! If Starbucks is ALREADY fucking serving pumpkin spice lattes, I think I’m allowed to start making my apple crisp again! I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but, TOOT TOOOOT!! This apple crisp is quite literally the best recipe out there. And it’s one that gets better as it sits out.

Flourless PB Chocolate Bars

By Katrina Yoneda - August 31, 2018

FULL DISCLOSURE: My sweet hubby made these bars you see pictured above. YES, IT’S TRUE. That’s how easy they are! Ok, well he’s had sommme practice baking from being my better half for the past nine years. It’s still impressive though, right?! I was having a super PMS-y day & he asked if he could make anything at all for me… what would it be?? I said PB bars hands down! He nodded, went straight to work & VOILA *applause*!

Glowing Skin Smoothie + Mask

By Katrina Yoneda - August 17, 2018

Let’s get REAL awkward today. Yes, I wholeheartedly mean that. Some of you may NEVER look at me the same again. Intrigued??? Read.

Who doesn’t want clear & glowing skin?? You know we all have that one friend who is blessed with zit free & supple skin? The one friend that neglects their skin & doesn’t even wash their makeup off at the end of the day… & they STILL have clear skin?! Well this post isn’t for THAT bitch ;)

Chocolate Chip Pancakes | GF Katrina Yoneda Fri, 07/20/2018 - 10:00

These pancakes need no introduction. Just look at that stack of beauties ^^^ OH MY DAMN <3 <3 *drooooooool*

They’re gluten free, but you’d sure NEVER know it!! They’re golden & chocolatey with a tender ass crumb… that’s all you need to know.

It’s the easiest & quickest breakfast, not to mention THEE tastiest! C’mon, it’s time to make these now.


Serves: 6 good size pancakes

Prep Time: You tell me...



Carrot Cake | GF Katrina Yoneda Fri, 06/29/2018 - 14:35

You guys… this recipe is SUPER special to me <3 Every year, for every birthday since I met my husband, my mother in law makes this carrot cake! Yes, THIS exact recipe! Ok… I had to convert it to a gluten-free version, but it’s ALMOST just as good as hers :) I think this would make her proud though! I’m so happy she has shared it with me!! Keep reading...


Fudgy Brownie | Vegan + GF

By Katrina Yoneda - June 06, 2018

You guys know when you want to make a healthier brownie taste like a reeeeeally bad for you brownie?!?! WELL I FOUND THE PERFECT RECIPE! I’m about to make all your brownie dreams come true! The best part?! The CRAZY part?! They’re 100% vegan + gf :O ohmygawdddd!!

You’re probably skeptical as a mother right now, just like I was at first! I read the recipe & didn’t see any type of refined sugar & I allllllmost tapped out, but the healthier version of me was curious!