Champagne Sabayon

By Katrina Yoneda - February 17, 2018

This recipe goes back to my culinary school days at the Art Institute! I can literally remember my chef talking about the simplicity, but also the importance of this French-inspired recipe! It’s typically served with fresh fruit, & sometimes sponge cake.

Vanilla + Raspberry Cake w/ Champagne Soak Katrina Yoneda Tue, 02/13/2018 - 19:10

This cake is a MOTHER. FUDGING. BEAST!!

This cake takes the cake!! Get itttt??!! Sorry, couldn’t pass up a bad cake joke! It literally took me one full day to defeat this thing (meringue kisses included). The result: BEYOND worth it. C’mon, this cake is soaked in champagne syrup; if that doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day then I don’t know what does!