Fish Piccata

By Katrina Yoneda - September 23, 2018

This has to be one of the easiest & least complicated recipes I have up on the blog. Aaaand that’s exactly why it’s one of my favorites! It’s the perfect quick & easy weeknight dinner. The plus side?? You don’t need much of the white wine, so you’re free to drink the rest of the bottle *winnnnning*!


For how little ingredients there are, this dish isn’t lacking any flavor.

It’s bright, a bit tangy, salty, buttery, & in a bath of white wine sauce!! Fucking YAASSSSS!


Lemony Lentil Soup | GF + Vegan

By Katrina Yoneda - August 24, 2018

I woke up today feeling like I was on the verge of getting sick. We are talking weak, sore muscles, tender neck, & some serious brain fog. I wanted to make something for dinner that was easy but also nourishing as fuck. I remembered a deliciously filling soup I’d made a while back. It was the PERFECT cold weather day or sick prevention soup! It’s a naturally detoxifying soup thanks to the lemon, garlic & turmeric! WIN WIN. Not to mention all of the vitamins & minerals you get from the lentils.

Summer Chickpea Salad | GF + Vegan

By Katrina Yoneda - August 03, 2018

This is the ultimate summer dish!! I like to make this recipe & have it in the fridge for lunches, or for just a quick snack! The longer it marinates in its own juices, the BETTER!


It’s cold, crisp & refreshing.


It tastes light, lemony, a bit tart, juicy, & deliciously crunchy! This recipe takes no time at all to make & is highly rewarding in the flavor department. Not to mention all of the amazing health benefits of chickpeas! You can look them up yourself, I said I wasn’t going to mention them ;)


Salmon Patties + Slaw Katrina Yoneda Fri, 07/27/2018 - 09:13

Ok, hear me out, I too was super skeptical when I saw a salmon patty served over cabbage...


I thought to myself:

1)    That seems like a super fucking weird combo.

2)    Cabbage makes me toot toot (not sexy).

3)    Will this dinner ACTUALLY fill my belly?

4)    Will it even be tasty?????


Kale, White Bean + Fennel Salad w/ Lemon Garlic Dressing | GF + V Katrina Yoneda Tue, 05/15/2018 - 16:32

After being pretty quiet on the blogging front due to moving states, I’M BACK IN ACTION!! As we aren’t settled in completely yet, I was trying to think of something fast & easy I could whip up for dinner! Aaaaaand that is how I came up with this salad; perfect for a weeknight meal. I paired it with a flaky baked halibut & it was phenomenally complementary!